Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Aggie Basketball

Hey Hey!
So let me tell you why this last weekend was so great!
Two words:

Awww Yeah! We had our season opener against USC and it was so great!  The Aggies came out on top with a final score of:

Of course something that makes Aggie Basketball SOO memorable is "The Hurd" and as you can tell we were definitely pumped for this game!

We played again last night and smoked SUU with a final score of
Soo.. you could definitely say this year is off to an AMAZING start! I'm so excited to see what the rest of the Aggie Season brings! 

To top off my excitement for Aggie Basketball I finally got my ticket for the USU vs. BYU game which is at Energy Solutions Arena this year!
Soo come November 30, you know where I'll be!
And if you haven't got your ticket yet... you're gonna want to get on that asap. :)
Keep on Keepin' on!!

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