Sunday, March 30, 2014

March Madness!

Alright Alright... I've been AWFUL at blogging this month.. And I'm real sorry about it! But there is a good reason for it... it's called March Madness! March has been crazy crazy busy. I think every big project I had was due in March, it was Spring Break, there were tons and tons of activities and of course it all had to be crammed into 31 days... hence why March Madness got nicknamed that... right? ;) Mmm.. maybe not but either way it's been a crazy month soo let me fill you in on some of my highlights:

So Spring Break was the second week of March and let me tell ya, it was a much needed break! I had soo much fun road trippin' to California with some of my very favorite people at USU! 
We used every second of the break and got a chance to see the Beach, Hollywood, and of course Disneyland! :)
We loved bumping into our fellow Aggies around California Adventures! There were lots of people repping their Aggie Pride!

Oh and I conquered my fear of the Mickey Ferris wheel.. barely!! Yes it was the one that moves while you're going around..and yes this was my first time on that one! So here's my embarrassing reaction to it! And yeah I really did want to throw up after! 

So once I got back from Spring Break I had to buckle down and crank out lots of midterm projects! And any other spare time was spent enjoying the fresh spring weather outside! 
This is definitely one of my favorite times of the year!

So there has also been LOTS going on on campus. One of my favorites...
Yep. We have a full night dedicated to dressing up in classy black and white attire....

...Spending time with classy people....

....Listening to a classy live Jazz band.....

...And of course some good ole' classy Jazz Swing dancing!

Ooh and did I mention they have eclairs, cake pops, and tons of other fancy desserts that are brought to you on silver platters?!
Yep...This is definitely one of my favorite traditions! 
Black and White Jazz Night was nothing but a success and I really can't wait to go again next year!

Another highlight was going to see USU's Tarzan the Musical! Because I was a student my ticket was only five dollars! And I'm so glad I went because if you're a musical fan like me you would have loved it! It was sooo well done and the cast was extremely talented!

So there is a slight glimpse into some of  the highlights of my "March Madness!" 
It's been quite a month but I have loved every bit of it!
....But in all reality I hope everyone's actual March Madness went well and that you're happy with your brackets!
Can't wait to see what April has in store! It's crazy to think there is only a month left of this semester!
Time sure has flown and it will definitely be bitter sweet to see it come to an end but as of now I'm just enjoying all that I can!

Keep on Keepin' on!
Go Aggies!!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

The little things.

 Sometimes when it's mid semester and you start getting stressed about all you've got to do, it's the little things that keep you positive and motivated to keep on keepin' on! So what was my "little thing" for the week?
A Bonfire.
Yup! The snow is finally melting and the cold is slowly going away.. and what does that mean? It's time to have a bonfire!! So though I had heaps of homework to get done this weekend, I was extremely excited for a chance to take a break and have a bonfire up Green Canyon right here in Logan!
It definitely gets me excited for many more nights like this in the near future!

Me and my lovely roommate Bailee!
Yesss there was a lot of smoke in our eyes as we tried to take this picture!

Something random about me... 
I LOVE S'mores!!

So combine an awesome big bonfire with a perfectly roasted mallow and you've got one happy girl!
 The second simple thing that made my day:
Chocolate covered strawberries.
Today Bailee randomly had the craving for chocolate covered strawberries... so she surprised us and went and got two boxes of big fresh strawberries complete with Ghirardelli dipping chocolate!
Now.. generally I am not a strawberry fan.. but I couldn't resist these ones!

Alright now I know what you're thinkin'... these are both super simple parts of the week! And they may seem silly... BUT sometimes it's these simple silly things that make the best moments and memories!
So if you're feelin' at all stressed lately, then here's my list of the "little things" that help make my day brighter!

*Green arrows at a left hand turn
*Towels right out of the dryer
*A huge hug
*Homemade cookies
*When class randomly gets canceled
*Waking up to no snow outside
*Finding money you forgot you had
*Taco Tuesdays
*Not having to set an alarm for the next morning
*Clicking submit on a big assignment
*When a stranger smiles at you
*Receiving a text from an old friend
*When your favorite song comes on the radio

So there is just a SMALL sample of my list of "little things" that make every second worth smiling for!
Have a great week!

Keep on Keepin on'

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Once an Aggie, Always an Aggie!

Have you ever heard the saying, 
Once a ____, always a ____?

Well it's one we use quite often here at Utah State and let me tell you what, I didn't realize how true that saying was until I experienced what it is like to really be an Aggie! Aggies LOVE Utah State! And not just while they're students here. Nope! Aggie Pride is the kind that sticks with you for life! I was definitely reassured of this at a basketball game just recently:

Meet Andy Pedersen
Also known as: Captain Aggie. 
Twitter: @captainaggie1
Andy has been a part of the Aggie Family for 44 years and is still going strong!
You can find him smack dab in the middle of the student section, not only cheering the Aggies on; but he's the one leading the cheers! And we are definitely happy to have him here!
As I was talking to Andy he pulled out this copy of  one of many articles that have been written about his dedication and addition to our student section:
He continued to explain how he does it because he loves 
Utah State
So really, this is the type of fans Utah State has. Because we're not just fans! 

We're Aggies!
And once you're an Aggie, you're an Aggie for life!

Soo how do we celebrate being Aggies?? 
We have events like Traditions Week.
Which is NEXT week!
Traditions Week has tons of different events like:
The Snowman Gallery
Miss USU
True Aggie Night
The Hello Walk
Stoplight Dance and more!
The past few weeks I've been getting ready to be involved in the Miss USU pageant. Yup.. that's happening. And nope.. I've never been in nor did I ever think I'd be in a pageant. But one thing led to another and here we go! You never know what kind of opportunities and adventures are going to open up while you're going to school at Utah State
The theme for the pageant is "Through the Ages" and this picture was taken right after filming the 80's advertising video for it! If you want to, check it out  at: 
Be sure to check out all of the girls videos! They were so fun to make and turned out great! :)

So if you're not doing anything next week, I hope I see you at some Traditions events!I can promise you won't be disappointed! And if you're interested.. the Miss USU Pageant is next 
Wednesday February 12, at 7:00
All of the other girls are AMAZING and TALENTED and I've had such a fun time getting to know each of them and being able to be involved with Traditions week!
Just so you know... Admission is free, it's in the Ballroom, and let's just say... you're in for a treat if you come! :)

Sooo.. that's what I've been up to lately! I hope you're all having a lovely semester!

Keep on Keepin' on!

Monday, January 13, 2014

First week down: Check!

 After the first week of this new semester I've just got one thing to say:
 It is GOOD to be back!
Now you might be thinking... the first week of school is sort of a drag.
And not gonna lie.. I was kinda overwhelmed after my first day of classes!
But despite the new semester anxieties, it turned out to be such a fun week!
One highlight of my week was...
Girls night with the roomies! :)
It's crazy how close you end up being with your roommates! But I can honestly say these girls are some of my best friends! And a whole month apart was way too long...So here's a shout out to my amazing roommates... (From left to right) Olivia, Bailee, and Cass! We see each other at our best and our worst and yet somehow we still all love each other! Truthfully, I don't know what I'd do without them. 
So it's always fun when we take the night just to have a fun night with the girls!
 Sooo what did we do for our roomie night?
Well as part of USU's Back to School Extravaganza, USUSA brought in the famous Dave Coleman.. Also known as The Dating Doctor!
Have you ever seen the movie Hitch? Yeah it's based off of this guy! He's a genius!
And let me tell ya... He is literally so GOOD!
Almost too good... it's crazy!
It made for such a fun and entertaining night!
 After the privilege of listening to the Dating Doctor speak we topped our night off with a typical Starbucks run!
It's always a good time with these lovely ladies! 
The second highlight of my week was visiting
Lava Hot Springs
For the first time ever!
If you've never been to Lava it's home to natural hot springs so they're really just like a bunch of big hot tubs with rocks on the bottom! It was way cool to be sitting there halfway in a hot tub and halfway in a blizzard! I was slightly nervous that my hair was going to freeze off but no worries.. it didn't :)

 Lava isn't necessarily the closest attraction to Logan.. It's actually almost in Pocatello, Idaho.
But was it worth the snowy drive? Absolutely!
And it's always fun to take a mini road trip with lots of good friends!
So if you haven't had the chance to make it to Lava, Then I would highly recommend it!  
Some other highlights of the week included
The traditional High Stakes Bingo
Poetry and a Beverage
Throwback Thursday Dance
And more! :)
Thanks to our awesome Student Association for planning such a fun Back to School Extravaganza!
I hope you all enjoyed your first week back as well!
Keep on Keepin on!

P.S.  Feel free to check Blue Crew's latest videos: "Prepare for Gameday" And "Homecoming 2013" at:

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Here's to the New Year!

Wow where did 2013 go?!
Especially this last month ... it  has FLOWN by!
I swear just barely I thought Christmas would never come and now we're already through New Years and heading back to school for Spring Semester! I guess it's true what they say...
Time flies when you're having fun!
For Winter Break I got to come home to Alpine, Utah and be with some of my very favorite people in the world .. also known as my family. :) And let me tell ya.... it has been a much needed reunion and break! It's been both relaxing and exciting! I hope it's been just as good for everyone else and that you're now all rejuvenated and ready to take on Spring 2014!
Here's a little video I put together of some of my favorite parts of my break... 

Sooo even though I didn't go on any trips to a warmer wonderland like a lot of my friends... I couldn't have asked for a better break! And even though I' m so sad to see this break come to an end, I am SO excited to start the next part of my adventures at Utah State!

Here's to 2014! New resolutions and new opportunities!
I've got a feeling it's going to be a good year!
Keep on Keepin on!
Go Aggies!!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Shotguns on Saturday!

Alright, So....
 As embarrassed as I am to admit it... it has taken me twenty years and moving to Logan to go shooting for the first time.
Yup. It's true- Before today I had never shot a gun! Crazy, aye?!
But that all changed as I was able to *attempt* to go shooting this morning for my very first time!
So here's a little about my very first experience of shooting clay discs in Logan!
We all headed up to the most ideal spot for this- a big open area just a few minutes north of campus! Luckily the sky was clear blue and besides the slight November chill- it was perfect weather for shooting!
Now.. I'm not gonna lie. It was a LOT harder to hit the little skeets in real life than all those times I've done it on the WII!
And I really wasn't expecting as big of a kick from when I pulled the trigger!
Being a newbie, I did stumble back pretty bad that first shot.... and now I have a lovely little sore spot on my shoulder!
And while I'm being honest... I was REALLY bad. Like worse than bad! I didn't hit a single one!!!
But I'm sure this won't be my last opportunity to go shooting while I'm at USU so hopefully the skill will come with more practice....?? ;)
Hmm... Maybe not!
 BUT even if I never do get any better it was still definitely worth it! I had SO much fun and am so grateful for everyone who took the time out of their busy Saturday to make it happen! I absolutely loved it!
 You never know what random adventures are going to come up on your weekends in Cache Valley!
Only two more days until I'm headed home for Thanksgiving Break and then just a couple weeks until the semester is over so I've got to enjoy it all while I can!
I sure do love it here! :)
Wishing you all a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving Break this week!
Keep on Keepin' on!!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Aggie Basketball

Hey Hey!
So let me tell you why this last weekend was so great!
Two words:

Awww Yeah! We had our season opener against USC and it was so great!  The Aggies came out on top with a final score of:

Of course something that makes Aggie Basketball SOO memorable is "The Hurd" and as you can tell we were definitely pumped for this game!

We played again last night and smoked SUU with a final score of
Soo.. you could definitely say this year is off to an AMAZING start! I'm so excited to see what the rest of the Aggie Season brings! 

To top off my excitement for Aggie Basketball I finally got my ticket for the USU vs. BYU game which is at Energy Solutions Arena this year!
Soo come November 30, you know where I'll be!
And if you haven't got your ticket yet... you're gonna want to get on that asap. :)
Keep on Keepin' on!!